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QuickLinks vom 30. September bis zum 16. Oktober

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 30. September bis zum 16. Oktober:

  • Extract Movie Soundtrack 2.0 - This small utility application was created to export the sound track of QuickTime movie files into AIFF files. This way I can take some of my movies and get the sound track into iTunes. In iTunes you can use the Advanced menu to convert the AIFF to MP3 or AAC to save space. Chapters in the movie are preserved.
  • Anvil - takes your site folder, gives it a .dev URL and makes it run for you. Works for any static HTML sites and Rack apps. Powered by Pow.cx
  • Terminal Keynote - Present plain text, syntax-highlighted slides in your terminal.
  • slate - is a window management application similar to Divvy and SizeUp (except better and free!). Originally written to replace them due to some limitations in how each work, it attempts to overcome them by simply being extremely configurable. As a result, it may be a bit daunting to get configured, but once it is done, the benefit is huge.
  • TuneSpan - an utility that allows you to distribute the media files in your iTunes Library across multiple drives.
  • Ansible - is a model-driven configuration management, multi-node deployment, and remote task execution system. Only needs SSH on the nodes.
  • OSQA - is the free, open source Q&A system you’ve been waiting for. Your OSQA site is more than just an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users earn points and badges for useful participation, and everyone in the community wins.
  • Maily - Kid friendly hosted mail service.
  • hub - is a command-line wrapper for git that makes you better at GitHub
  • Xiki - does what shell consoles do, but lets you edit everything at any time. It’s trivial to make your own commands and menus to access other tools