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QuickLinks vom 20. Juni bis zum 29. September

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 20. Juni bis zum 29. September:

  • Möbius Sync - is a third-party iOS app for Syncthing, allowing you to synchronise files between iOS and other devices (including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android).
  • a-Shell - is a local iOS terminal, with Python, Lua, JS, clang, TeX, sh and all Unix utilities. Perfect for programming locally on iPhones, efficient when combined with Shortcuts.
  • Suspicious Package - is an Application for Inspecting macOS Installer Packages
  • MultiSoundChanger - is a small tool for changing sound volume even for aggregated audio devices on MacOS ‘cause native sound volume controller can’t change volume of aggregated devices
  • Streetmix - Entwerfe, remixe und teile deine Straße. Füge Radwege hinzu, verbreitere Gehwege oder Fahrstreifen und finde heraus, wie das deine Gemeinde beeinflusst.
  • nb - is a command line and local web note taking, bookmarking, archiving, and knowledge base application with: plain text data storage, encryption, filtering, pinning, #tagging, and search, Git-backed versioning and syncing, Pandoc-backed conversion, [[wiki-style linking]], terminal and GUI web browsing, inline images, todos with tasks, global and local notebooks, organization with folders, customizable color themes, extensibility through plugins, and more, in a single portable script.
  • tuc - You want to cut on more than just a character, perhaps using negative indexes or format the selected fields as you want… Maybe you want to cut on lines (ever needed to drop first and last line?)… That’s where tuc can help.
  • Bookmarker for pinboard - is a macOS Safari App Extension that allows you to submit links to pinboard.in. It supports submitting the URL, title, description, tags, indication if you want to read the page later and if the web link should be public or private.
  • URL Linker for Safari - is a Safari App Extension that helps you to copy website’s URL with your favorite format. You can define custom copy format (e.g. markdown link format, your company’s wiki link syntax, etc.) in this app, which can be quickly used from context menu of Safari.
  • Runestone - is a lightweight plain text editor built with performance in mind. It has the core features for writing code including syntax highlighting, line numbers, page guide, theming, customizable line height and kerning, and more. It’s like a colorful and customizable TextEdit for iPhone and iPad.