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QuickLinks vom 25. Mai bis zum 6. Juni

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 25. Mai bis zum 6. Juni:

  • Squeaky - is a web proxy, in the spirit of a2 or PHProxy
  • Archive - This free plugin extends Apple Mail with the archive feature that you know and love from MobileMe and Gmail.
  • lesspipe - is an input filter for the pager less as described in its man page. The script runs under a ksh compliant shell (ksh, bash, zsh) and allows to view files with binary content, compressed files, archives and files contained in archives.
  • YOURLS - is a small set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL). You can make it private or public, you can pick custom keyword URLs, it comes with its own API. You will love it.
  • MFCMAPI - uses Microsoft's published APIs to provide access to MAPI stores through a graphical user interface. Its purpose is to facilitate investigation of Exchange and Outlook issues and to provide developers with a canonical sample for MAPI development.
  • Markdoc - is a lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. It's been designed to allow you to create and manage wikis as quickly and easily as possible.
  • SL - (Steam Locomotive) runs across your terminal when you type "sl" as you meant to type "ls". It's just a joke command, and not usefull at all.
  • mairix - is a program for indexing and searching email messages stored in maildir, MH or mbox folders.
  • Guake - is a top-down terminal for Gnome (in the style of Yakuake for KDE, Tilda or the terminal used in Quake).
  • Infinite Scroll - Automatically append the next page of posts (via AJAX) to your page when a user scrolls to the bottom.