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QuickLinks vom 5. November bis zum 16. November

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 5. November bis zum 16. November:

  • tarpipe - simplifies the process of adding, sharing, and moving content among the web services you use, by allowing you to define a repeatable, automatic workflow.
  • Hyperspaces - Customize Apples spacey using colors, desktop pictures, etc. Should be build in, is Shareware and in public preview for $12,95…
  • Advantageous mp3 - find new music on iTunes, buy it DRM-free on Amazon MP3. Currently US only…
  • EventBox - All in one social networking app on the Mac OS X Desktop… Shareware, $20.
  • Hardware-Inventarisierung mit Open-Source - Schöner Übersichtsartikel…
  • Fabric - is a simple pythonic remote deployment tool. Unlike Capistrano, Fabric wants to stay small, light, easy to change and not bound to any specific framework.
  • The Big Mean Folder Machine - is an essential tool for anyone working with large file collections. It can split and merge file collections based on certain rules, filetypes size and other criteria… Shareware, 14,95€.
  • pssh - The Parallel ssh project includes parallel versions of the shell (pssh), scp (pscp), rsync (prsync), and kill (pnuke).
  • Gmail Modes - Different URLs for different modes. Might come in handy…
  • The GTDAlt bundle workflow - Seems a bit complicated compared to a graphical solution but maybe it just needs another look at it…