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QuickLinks vom 18. Januar bis zum 20. Januar

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 18. Januar bis zum 20. Januar:

  • FamSpam - Mailinglist and Online PhotoAlbum for Familes. And a great name!
  • Distributed revision control with Mercurial - The Mercurial Book
  • Some Nice Leopard Wallpapers -
  • Radiotastic - is a free Dashboard widget which lets you listen to Internet radio. Streams broadcasting in popular audio formats like RealAudio, WindowsMedia, QuickTime and MP3 are supported.
  • SmallScreenX - is an indispensable tool for simulating screens of lower resolutions. It is particularly handy for web design, to ensure websites are usable for users with small screens.
  • CURMB - stands for “See Your Menubar” and is a little OS X Application that makes using the menubar on a small screen e.g. 12? and 13? enjoyable.