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Someone who gets this will work much harder at making a startup succeed—with the proverbial energy of a drowning man, in fact. But understanding the relationship between money and work also changes the way you work. You don’t get money just for working, but for doing things other people want. Someone who’s figured that out will automatically focus more on the user. And that cures the other half of the class-project syndrome. After you’ve been working for a while, you yourself tend to measure what you’ve done the same way the market does.


Aus einem sehr interessanten Student’s Guide to Startups von Paul Graham. Lesenswert für jeden der sich schon mal mit der Startup-Idee beschäftigt hat…

Bookmarkt das jetzt und nehmt euch bei Gelegenheit mal 30 60 Minuten Zeit das ganze in Ruhe durchzulesen.

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