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QuickLinks vom 21. Dezember bis zum 08. Februar

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 21. Dezember bis zum 08. Februar:

  • guizero - is a wrapper for Pythons tkinter to simplify part of the functionality so that kids can use it
  • RunJS - is an JavaScript playground that auto-evaluates your code as you type and outputs the results to a console pane.
  • ToothFairy - Connects AirPods (or other Bluetooth headphones) to your Mac with a single click or keypress.
  • ProxyChains - is a tool that forces any TCP connection made by any given application to follow through proxy like TOR or any other SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxy. Supported auth-types: “user/pass” for SOCKS4/5, “basic” for HTTP.
  • TunesMap - visualizes culture on your Apple TV around the music you stream. Explore rich media in the context of any artist and their scene. Connect the dots between your favorite music, films, art, fashion, books, and photography.
  • Free My Desktop - automatically hides all the icons from your desktop, the dock and the menubar. The app lives in the menubar itself so you can toggle ‘focus mode’ on and off as you please with a simple click.
  • s-tui - is a terminal UI for monitoring your computer. s-tui allows to monitor CPU temperature, frequency, power and utilization in a graphical way from the terminal.
  • Last.fm to csv - This fetches data from the lastfm api, and formats it as a csv document
  • fd - is a simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find. While it does not seek to mirror all of find’s powerful functionality, it provides sensible (opinionated) defaults for 80% of the use cases.
  • ConEmu - aims to be a handy, comprehensive, fast and reliable terminal window where you may host any console application developed either for WinAPI (cmd, powershell, far) or Unix PTY (cygwin, msys, wsl bash).