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QuickLinks vom 23. Februar bis zum 02. Mai

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 23. Februar bis zum 02. Mai:

  • Rainy Mood - the internet’s most popular rain experience - Helps you to focus, relax, and sleep. Millions of people use Rainy Mood while sleeping, studying, and relaxing.
  • VEEER - is a lightweight window manager for your OSX. VEEER was built with maximizing your workflow speed in mind - which makes it an essential designer & developer productivity tool.
  • CloudyTabs - is a simple menu bar application that lists your iCloud Tabs.
  • ShotBox - is inspired by the new “Instant Markup” screenshot feature in iOS 11 and gives you easy access to perform actions on screenshots that you take on your Mac. After taking a screenshot with the system keyboard shortcuts (⌘⇧3 and ⌘⇧4), a window will pop up allowing you to quickly share, edit or delete that screenshot without needing to hunt around your desktop for it first.
  • Cuppa - is a small application to time your cup of tea as it steeps. Tired of leaving your tea too long, to become bitter and cold, or drinking it too soon and not appreciating its full potential? Then this utility is for you!
  • homebridge-airrohr - is a HomeBridge module for the DIY luftdaten.info particulates sensor. See http://luftdaten.info how to build your own http://luftdaten.info
  • Monosnap - Make screenshots. Draw on it. Shoot video and share your files. It’s fast, easy and free.
  • Tyke - is a ittle bit of scratch paper 📝 that lives on your Mac menu bar.
  • Date Time Calc - is an application to calculate future, past dates and time difference between dates on macOS. Date Time Calc is realised for business and technical user who are in need of calculation of date in a bullet proof way.Do you want to know the future date adding 150 days from today? Do you want to know the difference in years, months, days between 25 March 2009 and today? Date Time Calc can do it.
  • autojump - is a cd command that learns - easily navigate directories from the command line. It works by maintaining a database of the directories you use the most.