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QuickLinks vom 22. Februar bis zum 01. April

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 22. Februar bis zum 01. April:

  • Grav - is a modern open source flat-file CMS
  • itunes-remote - control iTunes via your terminal
  • Clog - generates beautiful changelogs from your git commit history. The way this works, is every time you make a commit, you ensure your commit subject line follows the conventional format. Then when you wish to update your changelog, you simply run clog inside your local repository with any options you’d like to specify.
  • Commitizen - is an open source project that helps contributors be good open source citizens. It accomplishes this by prompting them to follow commit message conventions at commit time. It also empowers project maintainers to create or use predefined commit message conventions in their repos to better communicate their expectations to potential contributors.
  • MailSlurper - is a small SMTP mail server that slurps mail into oblivion! MailSlurper is perfect for individual developers or small teams writing mail-enabled applications that wish to test email functionality without the risk or hassle of installing and configuring a full blown email server. It’s simple to use! Simply setup MailSlurper, configure your code and/or application server to send mail through the address where MailSlurper is running, and start sending emails! MailSlurper will capture those emails into a database for you to view at your leisure.
  • bash-git-prompt - An informative and fancy bash prompt for Git users.
  • MediaInfo - is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.
  • GiftttDy - collects your online activity from a variety of sources and loads it into Day One journaling software. The number of sources available to load are only limited to what IFTTT integrates with.
  • Abricotine - is an open-source markdown editor built for Linux- and Windows-desktops.
  • FromScratch - is a simple but smart app that you can use as a quick note taking or todo app. It saves on the fly, does automatic indenting and you can move whole lines or sections with the keyboard for easy outlining.