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QuickLinks vom 06. Juni bis zum 30. Juli

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 06. Juni bis zum 30. Juli:

  • Git-ftp - is a FTP client using Git to determine which local files to upload or which files should be deleted on the remote host. It saves the deployed state by uploading the SHA1 hash in the .git-ftp.log file. There is no need for Git to be installed on the remote host.
  • CSVfix - If you have any dealings at all with data and databases, then you almost certainly will have to deal with comma-separated values (CSV) data. Unfortunately, the CSV files you are given, or are required to produce, never seem to be in quite the right format for your particular business application. And because of the structure of CSV records, using standard text processing tools like sed, awk and perl is not as simple as it might be. CSVfix aims to provide a solution to these problems. It is a command-line stream editor specifically designed to deal with CSV data.
  • Hyperion - is an opensource ‘AmbiLight’ implementation controlled using the RaspBerry Pi running Raspbmc.
  • daemonize - runs a command as a Unix daemon. As defined in W. Richard Stevens’ 1990 book, UNIX Network Programming (Addison-Wesley, 1990), a daemon is “a process that executes ‘in the background’ (i.e., without an associated terminal or login shell) either waiting for some event to occur, or waiting to perform some specified task on a periodic basis.”
  • AirSonos - is a small server written in node.js to add AirPlay support to a Sonos network.
  • Gitblit - is an open-source, pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories. It’s designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups who want to host centralized repositories.
  • Pixel Winch - is a screen measurement app with a unique approach. Rather than overlaying complicated controls on top of your existing workflow, it combines aspects of a traditional image editor with the quick access of a modal interface (similar to OS X’s Launchpad or Dashboard).
  • Babun - is a Windows shell you will love. Would you like to use a linux-like console on a Windows host without a lot of fuzz? Try out babun!
  • XKeymacs - is a keyboard utility to realize emacs like-useability on all windows applications. With XKeymacs you can use emacs keybindings with any windows application. You can create a keyboard macro and assign any shortcut key too. You also get bash-like command completion in your DOS shell. If you do not know Emacs, Xemacs, Mule or Meadow, you probably want nothing to do with XKeymacs.
  • osxc - installs software on your mac and configures it automatically, just by writing a few lines of code. Lost everything on your hard drive? osxc got your back, don’t waste your time reinstalling your dev environment. Want to experiment new configuration? just try it, your configuration repository is versioned.