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QuickLinks vom 16. September bis zum 30. Oktober

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 16. September bis zum 30. Oktober:

  • vim-airline - a lean & mean status/tabline for vim that’s light as air.
  • Everything - is an administrative tool that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows. Unlike Windows search “Everything” initially displays every file and folder on your computer (hence the name “Everything”). You type in a search filter to limit what files and folders are displayed.
  • speedtest-cli - Command line interface for testing internet bandwidth using speedtest.net
  • jQuery.JamCity - uses the API from Last.Fm to get your Last.Fm account top albums, loved tracks, top tracks, new releases, or recent tracks. It then takes that information and displays a beautiful layout using CSS3, jQuery, etc. Enjoy showing off your music on your blog or website!
  • Dateutils - are a bunch of tools that revolve around fiddling with dates and times in the command line with a strong focus on use cases that arise when dealing with large amounts of financial data.
  • xip.io - is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. You can use xip.io domains to access virtual hosts on your development web server from devices on your local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers. No configuration required!
  • Reportr - Reportr is a complete application which works like a dashboard for tracking events in your life (using a very simple API). With a simple interface, it helps you track and display your online activity (with trackers for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, …) or your real-life activity (with hardware trackers or applications like Runkeeper). The project is entirely open source and you can host your own Reportr instance on your own server or Heroku.
  • Zim - is a graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of wiki pages. Each page can contain links to other pages, simple formatting and images. Pages are stored in a folder structure, like in an outliner, and can have attachments. Creating a new page is as easy as linking to a nonexistent page. All data is stored in plain text files with wiki formatting. Various plugins provide additional functionality, like a task list manager, an equation editor, a tray icon, and support for version control.
  • iFestivalDownloader - You can watch the iTunes Festival concerts through iTunes and iDevices (including Apple TV), live and later. Eventually they will disappear. But since this is a video on demand stream, you can also save those files to local disk. This is no rocket science, but also a lot of work unless you have Max Bäumle’s handy tool.
  • sqitch - is a database change management application. Sqitch is not integrated with any framework, ORM, or platform. Rather, it is a standalone change management system with no opinions about your database engine, application framework, or your development environment. Changes are implemented as scripts native to your selected database engine.