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QuickLinks vom 14. April bis zum 29. April

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 14. April bis zum 29. April:

  • Notepad2 - a fast and light-weight Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting. This program can be run out of the box without installation, and does not touch your system’s registry.
  • BitTorrent Sync - is a simple tool that applies p2p protocol for direct live folder sync with maximum security, network speed and storage capacity. It has native versions for Mac, Windows and Linux, as well as native NAS integration.
  • Contextinator - lets you divide your web browsing sessions into projects and manage all of their related information. A project is a collection of browser tabs opened in the same window, series of filters in existing applications (Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.), bookmarks, people and tasks.
  • Bash $PS1 Generator - This tool will help you generate a custom colorful bash prompt for Unix-like operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X.
  • moreutils - is a growing collection of the unix tools that nobody thought to write long ago when unix was young.
  • Liquid prompt - is a smart prompt for the “Bourne-Again” Unix shell (bash) and for Zsh. The basic idea of the liquid prompt is to nicely display useful informations on the shell prompt, only when they are needed. It adds carefuly chosen colors to draw your attention on what differs from the normal context. Thus, you will notice what changes, when it changes, because you do not become accommodated to informations that are always displayed in the same way.
  • shelr.tv - allows you to record something interesting from your terminal and share it to your followers. It is almost the same thing as YouTube but for plain text shellcasts. You can copy and paste everything you see.
  • Maid - keeps files from sitting around too long, untouched. Many of the downloads and temporary files you collect can easily be categorized and handled appropriately by rules you define. Let the maid in your computer take care of the easy stuff, so you can spend more of your time on what matters.Think of it like the email filters you might already have, but for files. Worried about things happening that you don’t expect? Maid doesn’t overwrite files and actions are logged so you can tell what happened. Maid is inspired by the Mac OS X shareware program Hazel. Think of Maid as “Hazel for hackers”. Your rules are defined in Ruby, so simple rules are easy and difficult rules are possible. This also makes Maid a great general-purpose advanced file renaming tool.
  • wemux - enhances tmux to make multi-user terminal multiplexing both easier and more powerful. It allows users to host a wemux server and have clients join in either Mirror, Pair or Rouge Mode. It features multi-server support as well as user listing and notifications when users attach/detach.
  • jrnl - is a simple journal application for your command line. Journals are stored as human readable plain text files - you can put them into a Dropbox folder for instant syncing and you can be assured that your journal will still be readable in 2050, when all your fancy iPad journal applications will long be forgotten. jrnl also plays nice with the fabulous DayOne and can read and write directly from and to DayOne Journals. Optionally, your journal can be encrypted using the 256-bit AES.