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QuickLinks vom 30. Januar bis zum 01. März

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 30. Januar bis zum 01. März:

  • Ostinato - is an open-source, cross-platform network packet crafter/traffic generator and analyzer with a friendly GUI. Craft and send packets of several streams with different protocols at different rates. Ostinato aims to be “Wireshark in Reverse” and become complementary to Wireshark.
  • Discourse - is the 100% open source, next-generation discussion platform built for the next decade of the Internet. Whenever you need …a mailing list, a forum to discuss something or a chat room where you can type paragraphs… consider Discourse.
  • Solr - is the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search, near real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration, rich document (e.g., Word, PDF) handling, and geospatial search. Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more.
  • completeme - is a python script that’ll allow you to auto-complete filenames and launch them in an editor, much like GitHub’s ‘t’ keyboard shortcut. Rather than tab-completing to oblivion (ever worked on a Java project?), just start typing the name of the file, and when you hit enter, it’ll open that file in your favorite $EDITOR. Uses files stored in the current GitHub repository and falls back on all files below the current working directory.
  • goomwwm - (Get out of my way, Window Manager!) is an X11 window manager implemented in C as a cleanroom software project. It manages windows in a minimal floating layout, while providing flexible keyboard-driven controls for window switching, sizing, moving, tagging, and tiling. It is also fast, lightweight, modeless, Xinerama-aware, and EWMH compatible wherever possible.
  • Padrino - is a ruby framework built upon the Sinatra web library. Sinatra is a DSL for creating simple web applications in Ruby. Padrino was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications while still adhering to the spirit that makes Sinatra great!
  • SmoothMouse - is an experimental project to improve mouse & trackpad usability on OS X.
  • CriticMarkup - is a way for authors and editors to track changes to documents in plain text. As with Markdown, small groups of distinctive characters allow you to highlight insertions, deletions, substitutions and comments, all without the overhead of heavy, proprietary office suites.
  • tcplay - is a free (BSD-licensed), pretty much fully featured (including multiple keyfiles, cipher cascades, etc) and stable TrueCrypt implementation.
  • unpaper - is a post-processing tool for scanned sheets of paper, especially for book pages that have been scanned from previously created photocopies. The main purpose is to make scanned book pages better readable on screen after conversion to PDF. Additionally, unpaper might be useful to enhance the quality of scanned pages before performing optical character recognition (OCR).