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QuickLinks vom 19. Januar bis zum 29. Januar

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 19. Januar bis zum 29. Januar:

  • hubble - is a dashboard that displays in a terminal with any data you provide via http. It also allows you to setup thresholds if a number goes above/under a certain value. You can have any webhooks, programs, workers, scripts, etc just send an http post request (or setup an api endpoint to poll) and it will get placed on the dashboard.
  • LinkLiar - A Mac OS X (> 10.7) Preference Pane to setup your Link-Layer MAC addresses.
  • Plain Cloud - With Plain Cloud, you are able to access your iCloud with the Finder. Just click the specific App and you will see all documents in a new Finder window.
  • XtraFinder - add Tabs and features to Mac OS X Finder
  • iSchulferien - Schulferien im iCal-Format zum einfachen Abruf
  • iFeiertage - Feiertage im iCal-Format zum einfachen Abruf
  • SpoofMAC - let’s you easily spoof your MAC address in OS X
  • 0 A.D. - (pronounced “zero ey-dee”) is a free real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. Lead a civilization set in the imaginary year of 0 A.D., develop a thriving city, raise a mighty army and contend with rivals for hegemony of the world. History is yours for the taking!
  • Cheaters - is a collection of HTML-based cheat sheets meant for display in an Automator-based popup browser which can float on your screen while you work in other apps.
  • HandBrakeBatch - a fully independent application which uses HandBrake video converter under the hood, and allows you to drag & drop a bunch of files at the same time, and convert them using any of the default HandBrake presets. Custom presets defined in HandBrake are fully supported as well.