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What you see

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Life is more, than just a few data points posted to the web by the press of a button. Pushed out to the world by a script, a bot, an app or whatever you like to call it. Passed through countless servers, switches, routers and other appliances. Reaching it’s destination on the web, getting examined through your eyes, by your brain.

But you can’t see my impression of the public moment I choose to show to the world1. Let me show you what I mean…

Foursquare checkin

What you see:

What you don’t see:

Seeing my family, everybody having a good time, the taste of the famous Wolperdinger, kids playing…

Github commit

What you see:

What you don’t see:

The headscratching, the attempts, the errors, the heureka moment as the solution2 springs into life, nearly on it’s own.

Runkeeper map

What you see:

What you don’t see:

Running through the morning, getting in the flow, singing birds, squirrels3, passing oh so yellow canola fields, feeling the body work.

What you see:

Twitter tweet

What you don’t see:

Watching the son learn, thinking of the Dingelhopper, all the joy, all the laughing, all the fun. Cleaning the son, the table, the floor and sometimes the walls and myself…

What I think

I really like the web4. I deeply appreciate the multitude of ways, in which so many people allow me a glimpse into their lifes. Most people I know, would simply not have the time to keep in contact with each other, by means of more traditional communication tools. I believe the web brings us closer together and enriches our beeing.

But it will5 never replace the feeling of beeing there.

Be there, take part. And let the world know.

  1. And there are some moments, that never get shared…

  2. even if not pretty…

  3. I mean: W00T! SQUIRRELS!

  4. These days, I am told, the so called social web is all the kids use

  5. probably…