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QuickLinks vom 30. August bis zum 16. September

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Meine pinboard.in-Links vom 30. August bis zum 16. September:

  • solo - is a very simple script (10 lines) that prevents a program from running more than one copy at a time. It is useful with cron to make sure that a job doesn't run before a previous one has finished
  • teamocil - is a tool used to automatically create sessions, windows and splits in tmux with Ruby and YAML. Like tmuxinator, but with splits, not just windows.
  • BoxCryptor - is a cryptographic virtual harddisk that encrypts all data on-the-fly using the AES-256 standard. Encrypted data is stored in an arbitrary directory of your choice, e.g. one that is synced to the cloud like your Dropbox folder.
  • ColorPicker Pro - is an easy to use color detection tool for developers and designers.
  • auto_torrent - Give it a list of stuff to look out for, set your bittorrent client’s ‘watch’ directory to match auto_torrent’s download directory, infringe copyright without lifting a finger.
  • Supervisor - is a client/server system that allows its users to monitor and control a number of processes on UNIX-like operating systems.
  • Jump - type j in a terminal, and enter your query at the prompt: results will be updated live as you type. Switch between suggestions with up and down arrow, select with enter and boom you’re in the right directory. Basically, all the fancy web 2.0 autosuggest mojo right in your terminal.
  • Vigor - the popular Unix editor vi with the addition of the Vigor Assistant, has arrived.
  • Conque - is a Vim plugin which allows you to run interactive programs, such as bash on linux or powershell.exe on Windows, inside a Vim buffer. In other words it is a terminal emulator which uses a Vim buffer to display the program output.