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QuickLinks vom 1. September bis zum 10. September

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 1. September bis zum 10. September:

  • 10 Things You Did Not Know About Monkey Island -
  • Briefe erstellen in Latex -
  • byobu - includes an enhanced profile and configuration utilities for the GNU screen window manager, such as toggle-able system status notifications.
  • Window Shifter Home - is a tool which allows you to move applications between networked computers of different OS. It works through some really sophisticated ssh and vnc magic…
  • gitolite - allows you to setup a centralised git server, with very fine-grained access control and many (many!) more powerful features.
  • Vimprobable - is a WWW browser that behaves like the Vimperator plugin available for Mozilla Firefox. It is based on the WebKit engine (using GTK bindings).
  • Kaleidoscope - Advanced diff-App for Mac OS X. Compares Textfiles, Code and Images. Also: Shiny. Shareware, 29,00 €