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QuickLinks vom 30. Juni bis zum 9. Juli

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 30. Juni bis zum 9. Juli:

  • Your PasswordCard - is a credit card-sized card you keep in your wallet, which lets you pick very secure passwords for all your websites, without having to remember them! You just keep them with you, and even if your wallet does get stolen, the thief will still not know your actual passwords.
  • sslh - ssl/ssh multiplexer - lets one accept both HTTPS and SSH connections on the same port. It makes it possible to connect to an SSH server on port 443 (e.g. from inside a corporate firewall) while still serving HTTPS on that port.
  • An introduction to git-svn for Subversion/SVK users and deserters - This article is aimed at people who want to contribute to projects which are using Subversion as their code-wiki
  • Meerkat - An easy-to-use SSH tunnel manager built specifically for the Mac. Shareware, $19,95…
  • Add to Google Reader Safari Extension - captures a click on the RSS button and redirects the feed preview page in Google Reader where the user can subscribe immediately.
  • Test: Windows 7 Backup - was es kann und was nicht - So was kann man offenbar nicht auf gewöhnliche Enduser los lassen…
  • Little 'ruby' photo organizer - Place this script in a folder full of pictures, run it, and it will organize the pictures into folders by the day they were taken.
  • Tarsnap - is a secure online backup service for BSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Cygwin, and can probably be compiled on many other UNIX-like operating systems. The Tarsnap client code provides a flexible and powerful command-line interface which can be used directly or via shell scripts.
  • Git Extensions - is a toolkit to make working with Git under Windows more intuitive. The shell extension will intergrate in Windows Explorer and presents a nice context menu on files.
  • Fraise - is a free text editor for Mac OS X Leopard 10.6 which is both easy to use and powerful. It is designed to neither confuse newcomers nor disappoint advanced users. It should work perfectly for a whole variety of needs – like web programming, script editing, making a to do list and so on..