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QuickLinks vom 26. April bis zum 12. Mai

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 26. April bis zum 12. Mai:

  • latex-lab - is an open source implementation of a web based LaTeX editor for Google Docs.
  • adsf - A Dead Simple Fileserver is a tiny web server that you can launch instantly in any directory.
  • NConf - NConf is a PHP based web-tool for configuring the Nagios monitoring software. It differs from similar tools by offering enterprise-class features like templates, dependencies and the ability to configure a large-scale, distributed Nagios server topology.
  • 3-2-1 - is a countdown timer for Dashboard (OS X). It displays hours, minutes, and seconds, includes a lap function and is resizable
  • 60 Minimal Apple Desktop Wallpapers -
  • Driver Easy - Auto-Detect & Download your Hardware Drivers, Quickly & Easily.
  • Analyzing I/O performance in Linux -
  • ifconfig.me - Get your current external IP via curl ifconfig.me
  • The Ultimate Wordpress Security Guide -
  • Gas Mask - is simple hosts file manager for Mac OS X Leopard. It enables to edit hosts files and switch between them.