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QuickLinks vom 19. Januar bis zum 27. Januar

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 19. Januar bis zum 27. Januar:

  • A successful Git branching model - Not too different from some SVN-structures I know, but enhanced with all the distributed version control stuff and painless branching and merging of git…
  • larch - is a tool to copy messages from one IMAP server to another quickly and safely. It’s smart enough not to copy messages that already exist on the destination and robust enough to deal with interruptions caused by flaky connections or misbehaving servers. Larch is particularly well-suited for copying email to, from, or between Gmail accounts.
  • imapsync - is a tool for facilitating incremental recursive IMAP transfers from one mailbox to another. It is useful for mailbox migration, and reduces the amount of data transferred by only copying messages that are not present on both servers. Read, unread, and deleted flags are preserved, and the process can be stopped and resumed. The original messages can optionally be deleted after a successful transfer.
  • Harry Potter: Top 10 Butterbeer Recipes - Butterbeer. It warms you up, tastes great, and gives you a frothy moustache!