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QuickLinks vom 28. August bis zum 3. September

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 28. August bis zum 3. September:

  • Principia Discordia - Principia Discordia, 1st Edition.
  • Backing Up Flickr - Backing up Flickr with Python…
  • A Guide on Advanced Logging and Benchmarking with FirePHP -
  • 4-minute Chocolate Mousse - This incredibly decadent, luxurious chocolate mousse recipe comes to us from Gordon Ramsay (to whom I lovingly refer as Angry Chef). You have to try this! It's worth every single minute of effort.
  • Burning Man And Its Radical Links To Silicon Valley And Geek Culture -
  • TweetMyMac - lets you get screenshots, iSight snapshots, and your IP address from your Mac just by sending a direct message to your specially setup Mac controlling account. You can start torrents remotely, shutdown your Mac and more.
  • How to Actually Make Coffee - You probably brew coffee, like most people, the most insipid way possible: Using a Mr. Coffee that you fill with pre-ground coffee from the supermarket. There's a million other ways to make coffee, and they're all better.
  • MiniBatteryStatus Widget - is a small Dashboard widget that monitors battery status, charge percentage and remaining battery life. Integrated with Growl to alert you when it's time to recharge your battery.
  • DateLine - is a small, simple app which displays a linear calendar on your desktop in a transparent window. It provides easy access to iCal by double clicking on a day. The background and text colors are customizable with support for transparency.
  • Ye Olde Map Maker - Very cool online tool to create maps for table-top role playing games.