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Oh, I like those list thingies...

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So, I got this list from Maren and, gosh, I really like those, so here we go:

Type only one word… It’s harder than you think!

Where is your cell phone? Pocket Your significant other? Kathi Your hair? Scubby Your father? Great Your favorite thing? iPhone Your dream last night? Dirty Your favorite drink? Coke Your dream/goal? Diploma The room you’re in? Balcony Your fear? Failure Where do you want to be in 6 years? Terrace Where were you last night? Home What you’re not? Cold Muffins? Please
One of your wish list items? Lego Millennium Falcon Where you grew up? Essen Schonnebeck The last thing you did? Lunch What are you wearing? Shirt, shorts, shades, socks Your TV? Inside Your pet? Manu the cat Your computer? Apple MacBook Your life? Great Your mood? Comfy Missing someone? Sometimes Your car? Opel Corsa Something you’re not wearing? Sweater Favorite Store? Amazon Your summer? Coming up next Favorite color? Black When is the last time you laughed? Some minutes ago Last time you cried? Wednesday1 Who will/would re-post this? The Fabb? Four places I go over and over? 1. Work 2. Home 3. University 4. Parents Four people who email? Will just blog this Four of my favourite foods: 1. Pizza 2. Pasta 3. Salad 4. Burger Four places I would rather be right now: 1. Paris 2. Maledives 3. New York 4. Baleares

Wondering who will answer…

(via: Mail from Maren)

  1. On a wedding. So nice.