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QuickLinks vom 23. Januar bis zum 28. Januar

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 23. Januar bis zum 28. Januar:

  • Yep - Like iPhoto for PDFs. Maybe the solution to all that paper in my lockers…
  • rubiTrack - is an activity tracking software for the Mac that lets you display, analyze and organize your runs, bike rides, walks, hikes, skiing tours and all other outdoor activities. 29,00 €
  • Mobile Trail Explorer - is an application where user can view and record tracks using the mobile phone and GPS device (either external or internal).
  • Fritz.mac Suite - Anrufbeantworter verwalten, faxen und telefonieren vom Mac aus über eine Fritzbox… 30,00 €
  • TweetSuite - a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin with loads of features…
  • ?C ?V Character - Handy site with some often used symbols for quick copy & paste
  • Sequel Pro - MySQL database management app, the successor of CocoaMySQL