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QuickLinks vom 8. Januar bis zum 9. Januar

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 8. Januar bis zum 9. Januar:

  • Diplodocs - Handbücher und Anleitungen online
  • Snipt - is your collection of frequently used commands or code snippets.
  • ferm - is a tool to maintain complex firewalls, without having the trouble to rewrite the complex rules over and over again.
  • Espresso - Website-Editor for Mac OS X with lots of Bells and Whistles. Now in public beta, later 59,95 €…
  • Blogo - Nice looking Desktop Blog-Editor for Mac OS X with a fresh UI-concept. Shareware, $25.
  • Wordpress Notifier for Mac OSX - is a freeware application that alerts you when new unapproved comments are posted on your Wordpress blog.
  • Townload-Essen - Mitmach-Portal für Essener Jugendliche