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QuickLinks vom 1. Dezember bis zum 5. Dezember

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 1. Dezember bis zum 5. Dezember:

  • SpaceSuit - is Spaces missing feature: 1 different background image for every Space.
  • The Complete Guide to Managing iTunes Videos -
  • Time Tamer - Don't want Time Machine to fill up your whole Drobo? This application for OS X based upon an Automator action provides a simple way when you're setting up Time Machine to force it to only use up 2x the size of your internal hard drive for backup on your external hard drive
  • Google Analytics: Tutorials, Tools und Tipps -
  • calaboration - makes it easy to set up iCal to view and edit your Google Calendar calendars.
  • Unison and the OS X hostname - Simply setting UNISONLOCALHOSTNAME works fine for me…
  • FluidTunes - gives you control over your music using only a camera, and your hands, head or feet.
  • apticron - is a simple script that will email you when new versions of any package installed are available.