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QuickLinks vom 27. Oktober bis zum 4. November

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 27. Oktober bis zum 4. November:

  • qlcolorcode - A Quick Look plugin for source code with syntax highlighting
  • Checkfilenames - a little perl script to find file names that are longer than a certain number of characters. Very handy…
  • Wissenswerkstatt | Ist die Wikipedia zitierfähig? » Der Umgang mit wissenschaftlichen Quellen -
  • corkscrew - Corkscrew is a tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies.
  • WinMerge - is an Open Source (GPL) visual text file differencing and merging tool for Windows. It is highly useful for determining what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions.
  • Small Basic - is a project that's aimed at bringing "fun" back to programming. By providing a small and easy to learn programming language in a friendly and inviting development environment, Small Basic makes programming a breeze. Ideal for kids and adults alike, Small Basic helps beginners take the first step into the wonderful world of programming.
  • Helvetica and Alternatives to Helvetica -
  • SQLite Tutorial - This article explores the power and simplicity of sqlite3, starting with common commands and triggers.
  • JuicePhone - is a Mac application that extracts your iTunes iPhone/iPod touch backups and puts the extracted backup into a chosen folder, which represents the device’s home folder.
  • Google SketchUp - Mit Google SketchUp können Sie 3D-Modelle erstellen, ändern und mit anderen gemeinsam verwenden. Und das Programm ist einfacher zu erlernen, als andere 3D Modellierprogramme
  • Communote - Hosted Twitter-Clone, targeted at professional users… Maybe worth a look…
  • Introducing Prologue - Turning Wordpress into some kind of internal Twitter with comments. Interesting…
  • MacRuby - is a version of Ruby 1.9, ported to run directly on top of Mac OS X core technologies such as the Objective-C common runtime and garbage collector, and the CoreFoundation framework.
  • macam - is a driver for USB webcams on Mac OS X. It allows hundreds of USB webcams to be used by many Mac OS X video-aware applications.
  • How to make a presentation with Latex - Using the Beamer package for presentations
  • seam-carving-gui - A GUI for Content Aware Image Resizing (Retargeting, Seam Carving). Binaries available for OS X and Windows.
  • Kuchen 2.0 oder "5 Minuten Schoko-Kuchen" -
  • ISS Now - Utterly amazing live tracking of the ISS in orbit…