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QuickLinks vom 10. September

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Meine delicious.com-Links vom 10. September:

  • pptPlex - is a plug-in that explores an alternate method for presenting a PowerPoint slide deck. Using pptPlex, you can present your slides as a tour through a zoomable canvas instead of a series of linear slides.
  • mycrocosm - a web service that allows you to share snippets of information from the minutiae of daily life in the form of simple statistical graphs…
  • XML Notepad 2007 - provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents.
  • iMouseFix - is a very simple program that will allow you to regain control of the mouse acceleration in Mac OS X
  • Cuckoo - brings hourly clock chimes to Mac OS X. Play a beep on the hour. Or on the half-hour, or any combination of five-minute intervals.
  • Like Slime, for Vim - Turn Vim into an IDE for almost anything using GNU screen…