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QuickLinks vom 25. August bis zum 28. August

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Meine vom 25. August bis zum 28. August:

  • FFXporter - is a free iPhoto export plugin for Flickr. This provides a convenient way to upload your iPhoto descriptions, titles, keywords (tags), and ratings along with your photos. It also supports sets (yay!) and preserves GPS tags and other EXIF data.
  • Flickr: Add referrer into comments - This is a small script that will add a small text at the end of your comment saying where you come from. If everyone starts using this script, then it will be easy to see where the people have found your photos and how they got to comment on it.
  • WolfenFlickr 3D - A Wolfenstein 3D / Flickr JavaScript Mashup that shows a gallery of a flickr user or a flickr search in a 3d evironment… Awesome!
  • Ultralight Backpacking: The "Why" and the "How" -
  • incron - is a cron clone that watches the filesystem for specified changes and executes the relevant commands. You can set incron to monitor a particular file or directory for changes and schedule jobs for when those changes occur.
  • CushyCMS - Maybe worth a look…
  • Top 10 CSS Table Designs - Tables, Boxes and other neat stuff…
  • Running MySQL on Amazon EC2 with Elastic Block Store -
  • Peter's Evil Overlord List - The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord