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QuickLinks vom 19. Mai bis zum 21. Mai

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 19. Mai bis zum 21. Mai:

  • Transport: Time Capsule colocation and hosting - Place your TimeCapsule in a DataCenter on the Internet. Plans start at at 29$ per month…
  • wptouch - a complimentary theme installed as a plugin on your WordPress blog or website that will format your content with this Apple-inspired, full-featured theme when your visitors are using an iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Getting Started with awk - This qref is written for a semi-knowledgable UNIX user who has just come up against a problem and has been advised to use awk to solve it. Perhaps one of the examples can be quickly modified for immediate use.
  • HotBox - is a background application that allows you to make anything on screen full screen
  • Newspipe - is an RSS/Atom aggregator with a difference: It allows you to keep track of your feeds through e-mail - you create an OPML file listing your feeds and Newspipe will collect them, convert them to e-mail messages and send them to your mailbox.
  • Supercharge Your MAMP Environment -