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QuickLinks vom 2. April bis zum 4. April

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 2. April bis zum 4. April:

  • The Big Questions - Created in conjunction with the 2008 TED conference, this widget supports questions that are important to IDEO and to the extended TED community.
  • Twimbler Welcome to Twimbler. - Feeding a Tumblelog through Twitter-Messages…
  • punch - is a k.i.s.s. tool for tracking the hours spent on various projects. It supports logging hours under a project name, adding notes about work done during that period, and several very simple reporting tools that operate over a window of time.
  • How to Dry a Wet Book - These procedures are for drying one or a few wet books, and should be used in the evenings and weekends when the Preservation Department is not staffed.
  • Fluency Admin - Alternative Wordpress-Admin Theme. Comparable to Tiger Admin but compatible to 2.5…