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QuickLinks vom 28. Februar

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 28. Februar:

  • PlayVideoTS - opens the VIDEO_TS folder of ripped DVDs using the Apple DVD Player
  • Changes - Diff on Speed. Mac OS X only Shareware, $39.95.
  • Using autofs for GPG keys on a USB stick -
  • MindNode - is a free and very easy to use mindmapping application
  • ccollect - (pseudo) incremental backup with different exclude lists using hardlinks and rsync
  • Yep - iPhoto like Software targeting PDFs.
  • DiscRotate - is a Daemon and PreferencePane that will control the speed of your optical drives. It is written in Cocoa (Obj-C 2.0) for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  • twill - is a simple language that allows users to browse the Web from a command-line interface. With twill, you can navigate through Web sites that use forms, cookies, and most standard Web features.