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QuickLinks vom 25. Januar bis zum 28. Januar

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 25. Januar bis zum 28. Januar:

  • Anki - is a program designed to help you remember facts (such as words and phrases in a foreign language) as easily, quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, it tracks how well you remember each fact, and uses that information to optimally schedule revie
  • EyeSight - captures pictures periodically from 10 seconds to 999 days. Use it as webcam, watch rooms or whatever you like to do…
  • globalSAN iSCSI Initiator for OS X -
  • Theme Test Drive - allows you to safely test drive any theme on your blog as administrator, while visitors still use the default one.
  • Porticus - is a Cocoa GUI for the MacPorts package manager.
  • tooble - Browse, Search, and Download YouTube Video directly to your iPod
  • par, the Paragraph Formatter - is an extremely well-written and intelligent paragraph formatter that almost no one knows about. It makes it easy to write enviably well-formatted plain text e-mails and is also helpful with source code.
  • Interface design and the iPhone - Edward Tufte on the iPhone Interface Design
  • items to build an apple store - If you want to re-model your home in the style of an Apple store, here are links to the suppliers of the actual items they use.
  • Why ZFS Matters to Mac Users -
  • Mac OS X Leopard native Wireshark without X11 - Native Builds for Intel and PPC with included GTK+. Yay!