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QuickLinks vom 28. Dezember

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 28. Dezember:

  • Using Archiveopteryx on the Mac - Archiveopteryx is quite a wonderful little database store, which holds e-mail in a PostgreSQL database and lets you access it via the IMAP protocol. It’s aimed at long-term storage and high volume.
  • My Book Icons - This is a set of Western Digital My Book icons for Mac and now Windows (including Vista)
  • WPhone Admin Plugin - allows you to use a custom admin interface while interacting with your WordPress install via your phone.
  • mytop - In a nutshell, it’s a nifty command line tool that will connect to a MySql server and periodically run the SHOW PROCESSLIST and SHOW STATUS commands
  • Learn Cocoa - This tutorial shows you how to create your first Cocoa app. It assumes no previous experience with programming or Xcode.
  • LeopardAssist - OpenFirmware Hack to install Leopard on Sub-867mhz Macs
  • TeXTable - is an extremely simple-to-use editor for LaTeX tables. The table may be edited cell-by-cell, or in text format, allowing fast changes with both approaches.
  • TubeTV - YouTube and Google Video to Apple TV, iPhone, and iPod Download and Export Software