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QuickLinks vom 29. September bis zum 1. Oktober

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Meine del.icio.us-Links vom 29. September bis zum 1. Oktober:

  • SystemRescueCD - is a Linux system on a bootable CD-ROM for repairing your system and recovering your data after a crash. It aims to provide an easy way to carry out admin tasks on your computer, such as creating and editing the partitions of the hard disk.
  • InstantShot! - Very nice Screenshot-App.
  • tufte-latex - provides Tufte inspired LaTeX classes for producing handouts and papers.
  • BusySync - lets you share iCal calendars with family and coworkers on a local area network without a dedicated server and with full read/write access. Shareware, 49,95 $ for three Macs…
  • Lostify - is a metadata tagger for MP4 videos. It runs on Mac OS X, and the tags it produces aim to be compatible with iTunes, the iPod, iPhone, Front Row and Apple TV.