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My bookmarks for August 28th

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These are my links for August 28th:<ul> <li>Portable Home Directory over NFS on OSX - authenticated via OpenLDAP on Debian Linux. NIce one…</li> <li>all about Steve - All and everything you ever wanted to know about his Steveness. And then a bit more…</li> <li>Flickr Color Selectr - Find photos by color! Great.</li> <li>Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide -</li> <li>ecto3 alpha - My favourite Desktop Blogeditor in a new Alpha-Version.</li> <li>endo - RSS-Reader from the makers of ecto. Shareware, 17,95 $.</li> <li>GarageBuy - eBay auf dem Mac-Desktop.</li> <li>Reference for every Character Key on a Mac -</li> <li>LiquidMac - mimics the behavior of liquid by creating a particle system that reacts to the computer’s orientation by using the sudden motion sensor.</li> <li>AudioCodex - is a simple utility to extract the jpg or png data hiding inside iTunes itc files.</li></ul>