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20 Things to keep in mind when visiting Germany

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Eine absolut großartige Liste die sich hervorragend dazu eignet, (englischsprachige) Freunde auf einen Besuch in Deutschland vorzubereiten.


1. We know beer - you don’t.
I don’t know who labeled your dishwater “beer”, but it’s misleading. When you order a beer in Germany - don’t expect it to be ice cold. And yes, the foam is intended to be there.

8. When you hear “Volksmusik” - RUN!
It’s like an endless polka of hell. Although I don’t have scientific proof, I am sure that Volksmusik can melt your brain.

16. Don’t wait to be seated.
Look, there is an empty nice table. Have a seat. Easy concept.

20. Don’t believe everything you read on the web. Not even this list.
It’s a generalization. Most people you meet in a German city are not that much different than the ones at home. We can be friendly and funny and very hospitably.

Hier sind alle 20 Punkte.

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