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links for 2006-12-03

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  • is a basic ASCII terminal emulator. It can use any attached serial port, whether built-in or installed using an adapter such as a Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter. It allows full setting of serial port parameters, with or without handshaking.
  • is an application that lets you talk to serial devices. This type of application is often refered to as a ‘terminal’, because it mimics the behaviour of the terminal hardware that was used to communicate with servers and mainframes in the old days
  • Shareware to manage Keywords (Tags) in iPhoto. 19$…
  • is a small application built to make the process of getting images from a user’s Flickr Set easy. Handy!
  • is an application that will change your Desktop picture at random from any number of folders you choose.
  • Ein freier Risiko-Klon für Windows, Linux und Mac OS X! Yay!
  • is a camera-based screen saver. It requires a camera to work. Once launched, it will start taking pictures at the defined interval. As new pictures are taken, a time lapse animation is slowly built. The screen saver shows the image sequence in loop…
  • Print only the selected Text from any Service-enabled Mac OS X App. I can´t believe Mac OS does not support this out of the box.
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  • s a cat-breeding application. You can breed your virtual cats, on your desktop! Once NekoOnDesktop is launched, cats run, sleep, eat, and play with you on the desktop.
  • is a program that displays presentation slides. But unlike Impress or other similar applications, it does so with style.
  • Praktische Tips zu Mac OS X…
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