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links for 2006-11-18

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  • With Tiger, Apple has introduced a contextual menu with similar diaporama functionality but.. just test PPP2 and compare.. :) PPP2 offers fast browsing-viewing-searching-marking-actions.
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  • Junebug is a simple, clean, minimalist wiki intended for personal use. Build on the Camping web microframework.
  • is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can’t load the GUI, or don’t have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use.
  • ist ein Frontend für Mac OS X für die Streaming-Tools ggrab und sserver von Peter Menzebach. Alles, was man jetzt noch braucht, ist eine dbox2 mit aktueller Neutrino-Software und ein paar Meter Netzwerkkabel.
  • According to which US Government authority you want to believe, the lethal dose of marijuana is either about one-third your body weight, or about 1,500 pounds, consumed all at once.
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