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LinuxTage Essen 2006 in der Debian-Times

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The impression of the Come2Linux (http://www.debian.org/events/2006/0909-come2linux) exhibition and conference is pretty positive. Even though there was some trouble with getting the booth and talks accepted and it wasn’t as obvious as thought finding the proper university building in Essen, the event itself went pretty well.

The exhibition areas were quite familial and all projects had similar booths consisting of only tables, chairs and a wall in the back. For such an event that was totally sufficient. In addition to that one woman backed tasty waffles, the organisers sold some coffee and rolls, and in the outside there was a trailer with a mobile kitchen providing hot lunch.

Both of Debian talks were well received. Of course, the introductory talk had a few more people listening than the more detailed talk about Debian packages and stuff. However, 40-50 people are ok for this kind of event.

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