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ECHOES!!!! ALL 20+ MINUTES….LAZERS!!!! IN RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL!!! OMFG!!!! This was like taking the best part of past Floyd performances and putting it basically in your living room. The entire show drew you in and didn’t let you out - there was nothing and nobody else in the world at this point except for me, Dave, and Rich Wright - I wasn’t on any “trippy” substances (lsd no, pot…yes, but just being IN the place you could get high) but between the music and lighting it wasn’t needed. Then for the encore, Wish you were here - I haven’t heard that sung in unison by 6k people before, quite an experience. Then, an in harmony version of CSNY’s Find the cost of Freedom. And to close it out, Comfortably Numb. Now, I have at least 10+ bootlegs of this performed live. Maybe it was the acoustics, live show, or something else, but I have never, ever heard anything that approached the solo at the end from ANY artist. It was so good, I will never be able to listen to any other version, ever. What I heard on Wednesday probably changed me forever. It almost brings tears to my eyes just typing and thinking about how damn good the performance was.

What happened to music?? Why isn’t there some band today that can elicit this kind of response? Heck, forget band, this was one guy (well actually 2 if you include Wright, who was fantastic and well appreciated by the fans w/a standing ovation) that brought a theater to its knees and left it begging for more. And Gilmour doesn’t even play the fast riffs ala G3 - its all about the emotion - he can play one note that will make you cry.

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Now, wo ist eigentlich meine David Gilmour in Concert DVD?