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Einmal am Fjällräven Polar teilnehmen…

Polar Rennen

From Signaldalen you and your dog-team will go 25 km up into the mountains, where more than 100 km of driving across the vast expanses of high mountain terrain awaits you.

Up here there is no protective vegetation and you are extremely exposed to weather and wind. It takes nearly two days to cross the high mountain region, so you have to bivouac on the mountain.

All the teams stop at the same place, so the earlier you arrive at the stage finish the more time you have for resting. But first, of course, you must take care of your dogs, giving them food and warm water and making sure they are comfortable. The race will be decided by who can keep their dogs in the best condition.

After driving southwards, parallel with the Norwegian border, during the first part of the second stage, you finally descend to the lower forest country. You will not be able to stop during the 80 km-long day stage except to rest and feed the dogs. You must try to get your own food and rest on the sled when it is going downhill.

Stage 3 covers 70 km of mixed terrain-mountain, forest, frozen lakes and bogs. The last stage is a pure final sprint to Jukkasjärvi. All the teams will follow the Torne river for 40 km, and the finish is outside the Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi.

Oh, ja. Das hört sich gut an. Der Text ist zwar von 2002 und die Fjällräven Website etwas sehr schwer zu erreichen, aber das will ich wirklich gerne mal tun. Ein ganzes fucking Hotel aus Eis als Ziel!

(via: WAZ vom 12. Februar 2006)