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Spore Video

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Ein 35 Minuten langes Demo-Video von Spore. Im Download macht das knappe 140 MB, aber der Ausblick auf das Spiel ist sicher jedes Byte wert…

Ich würde jetzt eigentlich gerne auf einen alten Spore-Eintrag von mir linken, aber ich habe ja immer noch nichts an den alten Einträgen gemacht…

(via: Binary Bonsai)

Dank Christopher: Das Spore Gameplay Video Uncut.

which not only includes the Spore gameplay video but a 12 minute introduction, a few extra bits, and a nice wrap-up from the main man Will himself. Definitely check out this version for the full “uncut” version of the Spore presentation.

By the way, some people seem to be a bit confused thinking that this video was from 2006’s GDC. The above video was from last year’s GDC, March 11, 2005 to be exact. So just think if the game looked this good a year ago who knows how great the game will look this year!

Look for my full Spore coverage from this year’s GDC from March 20-24, as well as tons of developer interviews and more game previews than I can possibly imagine. It’s going to be crazy I tell ya!