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Goa Guide

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 Goa Goasunset

Es geht aber nicht (nur) um die Musik in dem Guide to Goa. Vielmehr erfährt man viel über empfehlenswerte Arten sein Geld aufzubewahren, tolle Strände, Schlangen und die lokale Motorrad-Mafia. Ausserdem erhält man auch gute Tips für Reisen der etwas anderen Art…

You should always make sure you’re comfortable in your environment and the people around you before you drop. Things can become very traumatic if you are not in a safe place with all you need. Prepare carefully.

Only drop acid when you’re in good health, physically and mentally. Make sure you have enough water, food and warm clothing.

LSD is not a game. It’s a sacrament that can change your life. Many feel it’s best taken in nature but you should only do so in a safe space.

If your trip starts to go bad, don’t panic. Just make sure you keep breathing deeply, massage your feet and go with the flow.

Der Guide to Goa verlinkt darüber hinaus Antworten auf so sinnige Fragen wie: LSD in the Himalayas - you’re at 3000 metres armed only with some biscuits and a blanket - a good time to drop acid?

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