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Ein Alpha-Status Hack fürPuTTY. O-Ton des Entwicklers:

This program plugs normal Putty windows into tabs, making it actually a container of Putty windows. It’s basically a terrible hack-up I made for a friend of mine in a couple of hours of my spare time, it’s not meant to be a real solution.

Moreover, I believe a secure operating system shouldn’t allow you to reparent windows like that, without even caring about permissions to write into someone else’s windows, so calling this a “security tool” is off-base by a long way, it’s actually more a demonstration of how insecure Win32 can be. (if you think about it, the whole idea of having windows wired in the OS is totally wrong)

Wer sich trotzdem traut kann sich Puttytabs hier besorgen.

(via: anarchia)