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Die 50 peinlichsten Todesarten

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My Picks:

#44 Like Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction
Bottom line- it’s embarrassing to die on the toilet, but getting shot with your own gun is added shame.

#26 Failing to seek medical attention after four-hour erection
And why are you taking Viagra anyway? With all the unattainable pussy in the world, the day a man stops getting erections ought to be a day for celebration.

#7 Getting shot by someone in the A-Team
These guys couldn’t hit a goddamn thing. They’d hang out the back of that sweet van and unload thousands of rounds without ever hitting anyone. If that is any representation of the ability of our armed forces in Vietnam, it is no wonder we lost. If you get shot by Hannibal, Face, Murdock, or BA, you are either extremely unlucky or the fattest evil henchmen who ever lived. In any case, we can be certain that the “A” does not stand for “Aim”.

#2 Axe Body Spray poisoning
You can spray all the glorified deodorant on yourself as you want, but it isn’t going to get you laid. You are an idiot, and you are broke. You know how I know? Because men with jobs wear cologne.

Und hier die ganzen Top 50.

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