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Die Geschichte des iPod nano

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IpodnanoFür die Fast Nachbarin bestimmt interessant:

9 Monate von der Idee bis zum Release. 9 Monate in denen um jeden Bruchteil eines Millimeters gerungen wurde und in denen entschieden wurde das Clickwheel eine Spur rauer zu gestalten als die übrige Oberfläche.

Oh, und nebenbei hat Apple den weltweit meistverkauften MP3-Player über Nacht eingemottet. Mutig das.

The iPod Mini was and still is the best-selling MP3 player in the world, and Apple had introduced it only 11 months earlier. Jobs was proposing to fix something that decidedly was not broken. “Not very many companies are bold enough to shoot their best-selling product at the peak of its popularity,” Gartner analyst Van Baker says. “That’s what Apple just did.” And it did that while staring right down the barrels of the holiday retail season.

It was a gutsy play, and it came from the gut: unlike almost any other high-tech company, Apple refuses to run its decisions by focus groups. But Jobs is a hardened gambler, and he doesn’t scare easily. This is the guy who coolly poured millions of his own dollars into an unknown and direly unprofitable company called Pixar before anybody had even made a full-length computer-animated movie (…)

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