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The Grand List Of Console Role Playing Game Clichés

Wirklich lustige Liste die kein, aber auch gar kein Cliché auslässt… Alleine dieser Punkt 15:

Hey, I Know You!

You will accumulate at least three of these obligatory party members:
- The spunky princess who is rebelling against her royal parent and is in love with the hero.
- The demure, soft-spoken female mage and healing magic specialist who is not only in love with the hero, but is also the last survivor of an ancient race.
- The tough-as-nails female warrior who is not in love with the hero (note that this is the only female character in the game who is not in love with the hero and will therefore be indicated as such by having a spectacular scar, a missing eye, cyborg limbs or some other physical deformity – see The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Rule.)
- The achingly beautiful gothy swordsman who is riven by inner tragedy.
- The big, tough, angry guy who, deep down, is a total softy.
- The hero’s best friend, who is actually much cooler than the hero.
- The grim, selfish mercenary who over the course of the game learns what it means to really care about other people.
- The character who is actually a spy for the bad guys but will instantly switch to your side when you find out about it.
- The weird bonus character who requires a bizarre series of side quests to make them effective (with the ultimate result that no player ever uses this character if it can be avoided.)
- The nauseatingly cute mascot who is useless in all battles.

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