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Nochn Mac mini Bericht

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Allerdings nicht von einem Switcher sondern von einem Curious Try-er.

I haven’t used a Mac since 1989. Since then my desktops have been split between various versions of Microsoft Windows and UNIX (Linux these days). Right now I have Microsoft Windows XP Home and Professional and a couple flavors of Linux (Fedora, Mepis, and Ubuntu at the moment) running on my desktop and notebook PCs. I’m pretty satisfied with my Microsoft Windows and Linux boxes. Software like Mac OS X, GarageBand, iPhoto, and iMovie have intrigued me for a while, but not quite enough to spend $1,500 for the iMac G5 or iBook hardware configuration I thought I would need to try these applications. The Mac mini’s lower entry barrier convinced me that the time had come to buy and try a Mac OS X box. I’m convinced that a large percentage of first time Mac buyers buying a Mac mini are Try-ers like me.

Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy.

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