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Debian stellt Entwicklung für viele Platformen ein

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Der nächste Debian Release nach Sarge namens Etch wird nicht mehr die Debian typische Fülle an Architekturen unterstützen. Sobald Sarge released wurde wird Testing wohl nur noch für die i386, powerpc, ia64 und amd64 Platformen existieren.

Therefore, we’re planning on not releasing most of the minor architectures starting with etch. They will be released with sarge, with all that implies (including security support until sarge is archived), but they would no longer be included in testing.

Allerdings sollen auf einer weniger regelmäßigen Basis weiterhin andere Platform Releases heraus gebracht werden.

Architectures that are no longer being considered for stable releases
are not going to be left out in the cold. The SCC infrastructure is
intended as a long-term option for these other architectures, and the
ftpmasters also intend to provide porter teams with the option of
releasing periodic (or not-so-periodic) per-architecture snapshots of

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