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Studie: Schüler setzen iBooks erfolgreich ein

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Nicht nur ich mag mein iBook…

Aus der Studie die die Henrico School (Virginia, USA) in Auftrag gab:

  • 88 percent of students surveyed said they bring their laptops to school every day, but less than half - 41 percent of middle-schoolers and 45 percent of high-schoolers - used them at home every day. Students do seem to use the computers at home some of the time, according to 91 percent of parents surveyed. They said use averaged 1.8 hours a week.
  • Roughly one in four students who responded to the survey said they use their iBooks to play games at least twice a week.
  • Just less than 20 percent of teachers said they use an iBook every day. Half of the system’s teachers spend less than a quarter of classroom time on instruction involving the computers, but 78 percent think iBooks make schoolwork more interesting for students.
  • 61 percent of administrators said the filtering system on iBooks is not effective in keeping students from getting onto inappropriate Web sites, but 56 percent of parents said they are confident that the filters do work.
  • More than half of students needed to have their iBooks repaired during the school year.

Die “Teaching & Learning Initiative” wird auf dieser Seite genauer vorgestellt.